Bethlehem Inn is abuzz with excitement. The "No Vacancy" sign has been displayed for the first time in years, due to the census. The Innkeeper's family is not accustomed to having so many guests, and the stress upon the family becomes quite comical in the first scene. The family will serve the guests their different courses of dinner, making the guests a part of the action. In addition to "The Family", servers will provide the bulk of the patron food service.

     The guests will "sow" into the evening's entertainment upon arrival as they conduct the business of ticket transaction. Each guest will receive a gold coin token that they deposit into the Innkeepers burlap cash bag upon entering the Inn.

     During this time family stress heightens as problems with the cook and other servants puts the Innkeeper in a most disagreeable mood. As the Innkeeper, almost heartlessly, denies Joseph & Mary, (whom are never seen or heard), entry into the Inn, he is in conflict with himself and ultimately permits them the use of the stable.

     The CONFLICT begins when the Bag 0' Money disappears, not only making each patron a suspect but revealing the THEME of the show..."Where is your Treasure?" This begins the exposure of each major character's "Treasure" and their relationship to each other, which defines the PLOT.

     Sprinkled in and among the main plot, a PARALLEL PLOT develops with the three kings, aka, "The Wise Guys", that not only provide the COMEDY RELIEF but also converge with and re-direct the MAIN PLOT to the manger, and hence, the MORAL of the STORY;"...for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also...". (Matthew 6:21)

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